Toblo 1.2


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    7.7 (86)
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    Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista

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"Toblo" is a PC game depicting an unusual variation on the classic Capture the Flag scenario, with two teams competing to capture the other team's three flags. In the process, players must first destroy their opponent's defenses and raid the opposing camp. Throwing projectiles serves as the means of attack, with players able to pick up any object in the game and then hurl it at the enemy. Players can carry up to 15 projectiles at any one time and can fire them in quick succession like an automatic weapon, if desired. Some items, like bomb blocks, cause extra damage when thrown. Players must decide whether to use strategy and work within a team concept or work more as individuals, the ultimate goal always being to seize the prized flags. And the computer AI proves quite challenging, orchestrating raids and organizing defenses worthy of top military strategists. 

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