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Tortuga Two Treasures

Tortuga Two Treasures is a pirate-themed action adventure game set in the Caribbean Sea during the early 18th century. The story focuses around Thomas Blythe and his enemy, Blackbeard. While the game doesn't bother to push far from its Hollywood pirate roots, it can promise plenty of romanticized pirate action and a relatively low price.

This game isn't the best for hardcore action adventure gamers, but it makes an excellent entry-level choice for people who are new to the genre or who would prefer to game a little more casually. The main plot is fairly linear and easy to follow, with a few extra non-plot missions available to add more gaming options. Each mission starts with a non-interactive full motion video scene, then moves into a straightforward play sequence. The voice acting is unfortunately not of the highest quality, but FMV scenes are relatively short.

Fans of antique naval vessels will enjoy Tortuga Two Treasures for its surprisingly accurate recreations of 1730s-era ships. Animations for the pirate ships include billowing sail and real time shadows for a more realistic effect. The game's water translucency is another attractive feature, letting you see reefs and other underwater obstacles. Damage modeling is also impressive, providing a realistic feel for a simple, enjoyable pirate adventure game.

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