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Turret Wars Retro

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Turret Wars by Victory Gaming is a tower defense game with five difficultly levels: easy, normal, hard and crazy. It also has three distinct maps: cliff, dune and river; and seven towers: cannon, howitzer, anti-aircraft battery, missile launcher, flamethrower, shock tower and laser tower.

Cliff is the most basic map. Creeps only enter from one direction, and the cliff at the center of the grasslands serves as a large natural obstruction that the player can use in combination with his turrets. The dune map is much more challenging; it has no natural obstructions, and creeps enter from two directions. On the river map, creeps only enter from one direction, but the map boasts a series of natural obstructions that can both aid and hinder the player.

Turret Wars uses a wave approach. Each board has 50 waves, and the goal is to clear those 50 waves while achieving the highest score possible. The player starts with 10 gold, and they earn more gold each time they destroy an enemy unit. Gold is used to purchase new units and upgrade existing units. It’s also possible to sell units, which can be a handy technique as the game gets into the latter stages.

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