WARMA - this is the first experimental project that combines a variety of genres, developing in the direction of role-playing games, built on the basis of custom multiplayer

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Immerse yourself in the game world WARMA! Your development depends only on yourself. Be poor or become rich, go on the road of crime, and will develop their gang or become on the side of the law, arranging the hunt for gangs that protect innocent players. There is nothing impossible, all actions in the game connect all players in one game chain, creating role-playing situations and playing them. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of crime and domination, play with friends, make new friends, participate in incredible role-playing events!For the first time a new system of vehicle customization is presented in multiplayer only in the game WARMA!Earn money, buy a car and go to the custom garage! Your attention is an extensive system of tuning and customization of cars. Each part has its own characteristics that directly affect the physics and handling of the vehicle!Build your engine, adjust the suspension, give a unique look to the car and show other players what you can do!Main features: Voice chatOpen world Complete freedom of action Interaction between players Inventory system Character customization Transport customizationUnique customization system:Tuning of suspension, inversion, camber, toe-in and tire pressure :Engine Assembly and adjustment :Painting, toning of glass and sticker :Real-time multiplayer tuning :

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