Where am I?

Where am I?

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Where Am I? is a game created by Indie developer Mark Hadley. In this game, you start off in a dimly lit room. There are black run marks on the walls and everything is a shade of grey. It points you down a set of short hallways that lead to several rooms with a single light in them. You walk down the hallways and slowly become very disoriented.

The game has a very ominous feel to it; keeping you on your toes and sucked in. In the beginning the only thing you can hear is your own footsteps. They fall in very loud, steady clacks against the tiled floor. Moving through the game, soft music begins and different turns appear and disappear. As you play, the game gets harder and harder to see. Unless you pay close attention, or record yourself playing, you might not even notice this until near the end. It slowly builds a static wall between you and the game. Soon, you wont know what direction you came from and you're just waiting for something to jump out and get you.

Where Am I? uses a mental strategy against you; pulling you in with it's simplicity. However simple this game may seem it's worth at least watching a play-through. The horror effect transfers through the screen. You begin to second guess your own eyes and get turned around in a seemingly straight forward set of hallways. Are you going in circles, or are you losing your mind? By the end you'll be questioning everything your eyes have seen.

The ending is very sudden and shocking. I can only imagine the effect it would have on someone completely zoned into the game in a dark room. The game is almost mesmerizing as you try to understand just what exactly you are playing; and where exactly you are.

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