Where Is Waldo the Fantastic Journey

Where Is Waldo the Fantastic Journey

For decades, the series of puzzle books “Where’s Waldo?” brought joy and merriment to kids and adults alike. There have been some feeble attempts in the past to bring these books to the video game world, and it has brought nothing but disappointment. The latest foray of Waldo into the gaming industry may be the game that fans have been looking for.

Where Is Waldo: The Fantastic Journey is his new game. It perfectly captures childhood memories of hidden object games. Its nostalgia is addictive but that very well may be a problem with newcomers. This game is more fit for long-time fans of Waldo. It actually may feel a bit outdated compared to many games out there, and newcomers to Waldo may feel that even stronger. The game isn’t perfect, there are a lot of things to nitpick that hinder the experience such as the lack of replayability and extensive content, simple animation, and tough challenges.

The fact is that Waldo has come to the current generation of gaming and his entrance is grand. It’s not fantastic; nothing here will really blow your away. But it’s difficult to imagine any fan not enjoying this game.

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