Wolfenstein PC Game

Wolfenstein PC Game

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If you're looking for a FPS game that allows you to kill Nazis with a little necromancy thrown in then look no further. Wolfenstein is a sequel to the hugely popular 2001 game, Return to Castle Wolfenstein. If you're familiar with the first game then you'll love that B.J. Blaskowicz is back and ready for more Nazi bloodshed. You'll love the traditional WWII weaponry such as the Tesla gun or Flammenwerfer and the scenery is beautiful. From sprawling fields to dark corridors, you'll get an excellent grasp of the atmosphere without it taking away from the game itself.

There is a new function to the game called the Veil that makes things a little unique. This function allows you to enter a parallel universe where your world is enhanced. You can target the enemy easier, run faster, your bullets will be stronger, you can breach force fields and surround yourself with your very own force field that's bulletproof. Best of all, you can slow down time and that is a great advantage when everything is happening so fast around you.

You may or may not like it as well as Return to Castle Wolfenstein but overall it does feel like a familiar friend.

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