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XBlaster is a 2D isometric MMO that lets players battle it out in giant mechanized robots, called mechs. There are three basic mech types, and players can personalize their mechs by purchasing additional equipment, new weapons and upgrades for existing weapons and equipment.

The three mech types are the Defender, Hunter and Ranger. The Defender specializes in long-ranged combat, is particularly effective against Rangers, and has a shield that provides temporary invulnerability. The Hunter has the highest damage output, is particularly effective against Defenders, and its special power is a mech-seeking missile. The Ranger is an agile, well-balanced mech that is particularly well suited to close combat and battling Hunters; its special weapon is an ion cannon.

XBlaster is very team-oriented. Casual players can simply show up and join an impromptu team as part of an open game. Hardcore players will likely join a clan. Through clans, teams participate in a regular schedule of events. There’s also leaderboards, special tournaments and so forth.

The game allows each player to own all three mechs, so players aren’t forced to specialize in any one style of combat. Some players do prefer focused play. But many matches require players to cycle mechs, and some teams require it simply to give all players an opportunity at the mechs they like best.

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