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When Ubisoft creates a game, especially one that involves spying and assassination, they make sure to do it right. Such is the case with Assassins Creed.

Meet Altair. He is an assassin extraordinaire who rules the back streets and alleyways of 12th Century Jerusalem, Damascus, and Acre. Players get to step into his shoes and use any means necessary to execute the missions laid before him. This includes climbing up a variety of different structures and buildings to get a bird's eye view, fighting hand to hand in the streets, and sneaking about in disguise.

Ubisoft spared no expense in making sure NPCs act and react the way normal citizens would if they saw a many hoping across whole buildings and leaping from watchtowers, but the graphic details are also riveting. Not only are the landscapes beautifully rendered with motion picture quality, but it actually looks and feels like you are walking through 12th century Israel. While iconic monuments are realistic in every respect, some of the other structure Altair gets his hands on seem a bit repetitive and end up boring after a while. But frankly, there is little to complain about with Assassins Creed's gameplay or rendering.

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