Babo Violent 2 2.11

Babo Violent 2

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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A freeware multiplayer video game for the PC, "Babo Violent" features heavily armed spheres in a free-for-all of destruction. The game places the camera high above the fray, so players look down into the 3D environment and maneuver their sphere around obstacles and away from attacking enemies. Players can customize their sphere, known as a Babo, with a preferred skin color or a chosen texture for greater individuality. Each Babo also chooses from an arsenal of weapons, from grenades and molotov cocktails to a wide assortment of guns. Players may collect additional weapons and ammunition during battle, with the goal always being to kill as many competitors as possible. And despite being little more than a rolling ball, each Babo bursts into a bloody mess when shot, only adding to the mayhem.

A destroyed Babo leaves behind weapons and a healing pack for other players to capture and then spawns anew to rejoin the fight. Each round of combat lasts a predetermined amount of time, after which the game tallies scores and launches into a fresh battle on a new map. Aside from the standard shootout, players may also engage in Capture the Flag matches for a bit kore strategy. 


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