Beach Head 2002-c

Beach Head

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    Windows 2000 / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows ME

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Beach Head is a game that involves a bit of strategy in a highly active situation.

The overall atmosphere of the game is one that reminds you of being in World War II with bombs, planes and ships around you. Your goal is to try to work with others to capture an island in the Pacific Ocean. The graphics look to be a bit dated, making you feel like you're watching an older news broadcast of the war breaking. There are several stages of the game with each stage featuring a certain aspect that you're responsible for completing in order to get to the next mission.

The game first premiered in the 1980s. You can tell that there hasn't been much that has changed in the overall design and the play with the graphics, sound and missions that need to be completed. You are responsible for navigating ships in the game as well as making sure the planes that land are in the right area so that they don't get destroyed. You can get behind the steering of some of the ships to see that they end up in the right places and deliver the needed goods to land. Once you have mastered driving the ships, you can begin the process of taking over the island, which isn't an easy feat. There are people who will try to shoot at you, but you do have larger weapons on the sides of the ship that you can use to take down the opponent.


  • Control over the ships
  • Easy battle


  • Appearance is dated
  • Sound isn't great

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