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  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a new version of the original Castle Wolfenstein. In this version, the player must battle Nazis, uncover treasures and find their way through mazes and obstacles designed to stop them. The

  • Facewound

    Billed as a zombie murder simulator, "Facewound" is a free PC video game featuring an armed vigilante slaughtering hordes of flesh-hungry zombies. Programmer Gary Newman teamed with animator Arthur Lee,

  • Duty Calls: Calm Before the Storm
    Duty Calls: Calm Before the Storm

    Duty Calls: Calm Before the Storm is a parody of the "realistic first-person shooter" genre that is so popular these days. Charge your way through generic mission after generic mission where guys from Russia or

  • Raidcall

    Designed by gamers, for gamers, Raidcall is a priceless chat utility for guilds in any virtual realm. Based on the ideas put forth by Mumble and Ventrilo, Raidcall is a voice communication program made to work with

  • OpenArena 0.8.1

    Openarena is a free open source version of Quake 3 Arena. It basically allows everyone (even on Mac and Linux) to play Quake 3, and for the community to continue to update and add content to the game. Openarena adds a

  • Fable 3
    Fable 3

    The Fable series is known for it's whimsical take on the fantasy genre. Fable 3 is no different, although there is a significant time gap between Fable 2 and Fable 3. Gone are the horses and heroes of Albion. Now

  • Hitman 2 Demo
    Hitman 2

    What Hitman failed to do with its release, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin tries to fix with an incredibly fast-paced and aggressive action game. There's no mistaking what Hitman 2 is all about. Players take on the character

  • Abobos Big Adventure
    Abobos Big Adventure

    Abobos Big Adventure is a very old school 2d platformer. It is really a tribute to the old Nintendo games. You walk from left to right and beat the snot out of everyone who gets in your way. There's not a serious

  • Mystic Inn
    Mystic Inn

    Mystic Inn is a fun casual game that bears more than a passing resemblance to Diner Dash and other restaurant management games. In this case, you control Daphne, the hostess of an inn that serves all manner of witches,

  • Tarzan: Guardian of Earth
    Tarzan: Guardian of Earth

    "Tarzan: Guardian of Earth" is a freeware PC game starring the legendary King of the Jungle. As Tarzan, players must race through the jungle to extinguish fires threatening the plants and wildlife. However,