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  • Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid
    Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

    Anacondas the Hunt for the Blood Orchid is a free 3d adventure game released by Sony Pictures to help promote the movie of the same name. In the game, you must lead your team through the jungle to discover the secret of

  • Lost Pig 2
    Lost Pig

    Lost Pig is a text based adventure game where you try to help a rather dim Orc named Grunk to find his lost pig

  • Rockabilly Head 0.991
    Rockabilly Head

    Perhaps the only example of the rockabilly adventure genre, "Rockabilly Head" is a freeware PC video game that challenges players to learn the best rockabilly dance moves. Pressing specific key sequences in

  • Laser Dolphin 1.0
    Laser Dolphin

    If you want any idea of what sort of game Laser Dolphin is, all you need to do is remember that it’s called Laser Dolphin. With this fun new game, you get exactly what you might expect: silly mindless fun

  • Dead Reefs
    Dead Reefs

    Dead Reefs in an entertaining adventure computer video game. It was developed by Streko-Graphics and published by The Adventure Company. The game was initially released the summer of 2007

  • Facade 1.1

    Facade is an interactive AI adventure where your job is to prevent a couple from ending their marriage – and it’s a lot harder than it sounds!

  • Kings Quest 3 : To Heir is Human
    Kings Quest 3 : To Heir is Human

    King's Quest 3: To Heir Is Human is a fan remake of the classic game from 1986 released by Sierra Online. The fans have remade the game so it works on modern computers, and redone many of the graphics and sound

  • MentalRepairsInc

    Mental Repairs Inc is a point and click adventure game where you take the role of a psychic repairman. He has to venture inside the minds of appliances to fix their problems

  • CSI: Deadly Intent
    CSI: Deadly Intent

    Based on TV's mega-hit primetime police procedural, CSI: Deadly Intent challenges gamers to solve a series of grisly crimes alongside familiar characters from the series' ninth season

  • Octodad 1.06

    Octodad is a game where you play as an undercover octopus. The problem is, you have a human family who can't be allowed to discover your identity. This leads to a hilarious adventure where you try to perform