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  • Aground

    As one of the last human survivors, you find yourself stranded on an uninhabited island

  • Long Gone Days
    Long Gone Days

    A 2D modern-day character-driven RPG that imagines the world of war that's coming for us, told from the perspective of civilians and deserters, with a focus on language barriers and their emotional struggles

  • Skirmish Line
    Skirmish Line

    Experience the brutality and randomness of war as an Allied tactical commander in the Pacific Theater during World War 2

  • First Feudal
    First Feudal

    Become a real medieval feudal lord: start with a small village and build it up into a great impenetrable castle

  • Diesel Railcar Simulator
    Diesel Railcar Simulator

    A train driving simulation set in the British railways of the late 1960's, modelling the passenger diesel multiple units, or 'railcars', of the era

  • NITE Team 4
    NITE Team 4

    NITE Team 4 is a military hacking simulation game that explores the world of cyberwarfare and features realistic mission scenarios

  • PLAYNE : The Meditation Game
    PLAYNE : The Meditation Game

    An indie game designed to help you get calm and to help you build a consistent habit of mindfulness

  • Starcom: Nexus
    Starcom: Nexus

    Suddenly thrown into an unknown galaxy, you must explore, fight or befriend aliens and transform your ship from a small survey vessel into a powerful battlecruiser to unravel the mystery of the forces that brought you here and find your way home

  • Warsim: The Realm of Aslona
    Warsim: The Realm of Aslona

    In Warsim: The Realm of Aslona your only goal is to keep the Kingdom of Aslona from destruction, how you do it is entirely up to you, be you a harsh dictator, a great explorer, a blood-thirsty warlord, or a charistmatic diplomat

  • Space Simulator
    Space Simulator

    Realistic simulation of spaceflight in a full sized Solar System, with all the planets and their major moons