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  • Dominoes Deluxe 1.0
    Dominoes Deluxe

    Dominoes Deluxe is a PC game and available as an Android and iOS app too. Dominoes Deluxe is a computer version of the classic game, and it supports 12 variants in all, including Block, Draw and Muggins. Dominoes Deluxe

  • Billionaire II 1.07
    Billionaire II

    Billionaire II is a business game that takes the basic market concepts of Monopoly to another level. The game takes place in Billionaire City, where players can buy and sell real estate, raise loans, purchase bonds,

  • Don't Get Angry! 2 Demo
    Don't Get Angry!

    Don't Get Angry brings all the fun of the classic board game to your computer. Supporting up to four players (either human or computer-controlled opponents with clever artificial intelligence), you'll always

  • Super Mario World Deluxe 1.0
    Super Mario World Deluxe

    Super Mario World Deluxe is a remake of the original SNES game Super Mario World. This game marked the forth entry into the Super Mario Bros. series, coming after the first three titles were released on the original

  • 7-Zip 19.00

    7-Zip is the free file compression software that brought the world the 7z archive type. This program is quite similar to other compression programs such as WinRAR and WinZip, but is capable of handling a much larger

  • Noteworthy Backgammon
    Noteworthy Backgammon

    Noteworthy Backgammon provides feedback about games. Vital statistics are always provided to the player. These statistics can help individuals to place better bets. One can move through an entire game's worth of

  • PuTTY 0.73

    A free, open-source and very configurable PC tool, Putty — often stylized as PuTTY — is a remote shell client that permits you to use a client for Telnet, SSH and raw TCP protocols at your convenience. In

  • Happy Wheels varies-with-device
    Happy Wheels

    If you are into racing games that have a bit of a dark twist, then Happy Wheels might be the game for you. It is a fun little game you can play on your computer that features a character who rides a vehicle such as a

  • Domino 3D 1.3
    Domino 3D

    "Domino 3D" from Trian Software is a downloadable PC version of the classic Dominoes game, in which players attempt to link marked tiles of equal numerical value. "Domino 3D" includes the standard

  • David's Backgammon Game 5.5.2
    David's Backgammon Game

    David's Backgammon Game is a simple no-nonsense tabletop game. While most game packages nowadays include a wide array of common games like Chess and Checkers together, David provides a great piece of software to