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  • Guided Meditation VR
    Guided Meditation VR

    Meditation made simple &

  • Flappatron

    Flappatron - A Quirky Action Game/Visual Novel Hybrid Flappatron combines fast, arcade action alongside a fully voice acted visual novel narrative from creative mind, Dexter Manning!


    Wild West saloon shooting game with anime girls

  • Snow-Swept Quest
    Snow-Swept Quest

    A classic style turn-based RPG

  • Under: Depths of Fear
    Under: Depths of Fear

    Enter the mind of traumatized WW1 veteran Alexander Dockter and experience the terrorizing nightmare of trying to escape a sinking ocean liner while being haunted by the most terrifying entities you’ve ever come across

  • Mechanism

    Mechanism - - an adventure game about a lonely robot

  • World Seed
    World Seed

    A simple game with big ambitions

  • A Hand With Many Fingers
    A Hand With Many Fingers

    Unravel a real conspiracy from deep within the CIA’s archives

  • She and the Light Bearer
    She and the Light Bearer

    She and the Light Bearer is a point and click adventure game, a poem, a fairy tale

  • Falcon Age
    Falcon Age

    Bond with a baby falcon and go on an adventure