Windows > Simulation
  • SPORE™

    Grow creatures with special powers and see how far you can progress in the five worlds

  • The Escapists
    The Escapists

    A light-hearted 8-bit game where you try to escape from prison

  • Hearts of Iron IV
    Hearts of Iron IV

    This historically-precise grand strategy game puts you in charge of any major nation of WWII

  • Assetto Corsa
    Assetto Corsa

    Enjoy all new courses and cars in the online classic racing game

  • Scrap Mechanic
    Scrap Mechanic

    This is a classic online sandbox game where multiple players can engineer their fun and choose from tons of building parts

  • Train Simulator
    Train Simulator

    You'll learn what it takes to drive a train in this simulation with real-world routes

  • Slime Rancher
    Slime Rancher

    An futuristic online game where the main character is a rancher that is on a planet far away from earth

  • Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection
    Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection

    The newest version of the online epic simulation game where players can conquer new worlds

  • Farming Simulator 15
    Farming Simulator 15

    See what it's like to run a farm in this graphically impressive, multiplayer, open-world simulation

  • Project CARS
    Project CARS

    Real drivers bring you the ultimate advanced racing game for the new generation