Cobalt WASD

Cobalt WASD

Cobalt WASD is a multiplayer bomb-defusal action platformer with grenades that stop time

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    Action , Indie

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    Oxeye Game Studio

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    Dec 1, 2017

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    6.99 USD

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    Single-player, Online Multi-Player

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Two teams of adorable murder-bots duke it out over a number of rounds. One side attempts to plant and detonate bombs in their opponents’ base, and the other, quite reasonably, attempts to stop them. Designed for 4-versus-4 players, each round earns money (or "volts") which the teams can spend on outlandish equipment and weaponry. Take a stealth suit, slip past the enemy’s defences and snipe from the shadows, or dive straight into the fray, deflecting incoming shots with the reflector shield. Or toss a time bomb into the mosh-pit and watch as bullets and bots dance in balletic slow-motion! Synchronize with your team to achieve the best strategy and claim ultimate victory!Built especially for PC, with fluid controls tuned for WASD movement and mouse-aim.Cool traversal abilities - dashing, teleportation, jet shoes and grappling hooks.Five unique suits with abilities such as Time Distortion, Time Booster, Bullet Deflector, Cloaking, and Kinetic Absorber!Over 30 different kinds of weapons and tools!Mecha-styled vehicles to bring to the battle!Damage-bonus hit zones including: head, eye and from behind!10 maps at launch and more to come, plus workshop maps!4 versus 4 multi-player with dedicated server software!Customizable characters and UI/crosshair settings!Cobalt WASD is a FAIR GAME and a FULL GAME!No pay-to-win!No loot crates!No edition exclusives!No day one DLC!

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