Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2

Enhanced graphics and new features bring WWII to life in this much-anticipated, multiplayer RTS sequel

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    Mac OS

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    Relic Entertainment, Feral Interactive (Mac), Feral Interactive (Linux)

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    Jun 25, 2013

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    19.99 USD

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Made as the ultimate World War II game for the RTS platform, Company of Heroes 2 remains steadfastly loyal to the original Company of Heroes and its expansions: the British Forces, the Western Assault and the Western Front. Because of the multiplayer feature, you can take intense war to anyone who owns Company of Heroes 2. Essence Engine 3.0 powers the gaming experience, and the unique mechanics reward players who develop clever strategies to harass and harry enemy opponents.

Built from the TrueSight system, Company of Heroes 2 emulates the line of sight cover system to encourage gamer originality with unit placement. You can combine your arms and take a hard or soft counter against feisty opponents in enveloping gameplay that makes you think twice before you attempt to blow up a tank with a squad of simple riflemen. In every game, you have the opportunity to stream through a meaningful list of tactical decisions that could lead to a bright and promising victory or a heart-wrenching slaughter of some of your best military units.

Company of Heroes 2 is an award-winning franchise with some of the highest rated strategy gameplay of all time. Play through some of the most innovative and critical thinking warfare in video games today. Once more, we have a game to redefine how we see strategy games. Cutting-edge technology only increases the quality in the graphics, and you will experience some of the most deadly combat to date as the ultrarealistic weather conditions change how the gun battles take place. In addition, you play in a world complete with environmental destruction.

As you play the game, you learn how to swing the tide of battle in your favor through the Commander Abilities. The moment-to-moment brutality of war on the front lines becomes ever apparent as you blaze a trail to victory with a long line of bloody corpses behind you. The game features both co-operative and competitive multiplayer gameplay to bolt you to the floor as you sit hypnotized for hours in the effervescent gameplay of this critically acclaimed franchise. In total, the campaign lays on 15 hours of encapsulating real-time strategy gameplay set in World War II.

Since the first Company of Heroes, the population cap increased to 135 total, but tracking an army of this size stresses out the most seasoned generals. After all, you often have to wage war from two fronts while leaving behind a small army of defenders to fight off roving bands of grenadiers from behind sandbags. Whittle your opponent down as you continue to mop the floor with your enemy. Company of Heroes 2 sets the stage with three distinct skirmishes and each takes place in spaces wider than the last. Sometimes, it drains you when all the game's units have their own personal abilities, but the amount of creative freedom in the strategy it brings makes it a necessary evil.


  • 15 hours of campaign action
  • Population cap at 135 units
  • Award-winning franchise packed with clever strategies
  • Intense online combat


  • A heavy-handed narrative
  • Steep learning curve

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