Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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Counter Strike: Condition Zero is a first person tactical shooter and the 2004 sequel to the classic Half-Life mod Counter Strike. This game pits teams of counter-terrorists against terrorists in a variety of different maps and objectives.

The core gameplay of Counter Strike: Condition Zero remains faithful to the original Counter Strike. Each game consists of several rounds where characters first receive money and allowed to purchase equipment like body armor, better guns, and miscellaneous equipment. Once the shopping phase is complete, the round begins and the two teams engage in combat. The round ends when either the entirety of one team has been killed or when one team achieves all of its objectives for the round. Players who survive the round retain their equipment so they can purchase even better equipment the next round. Players are also rewarded for things like completing objectives and killing enemies, which encourages players to take risks because even if their character dies and loses his equipment, they will still be able to further improve their gear with the extra money.

Condition Zero stands alone as the only game in the Counter Strike franchise to contain a dedicated single player game mode. The single player campaign puts the player in the shoes of a counter-terrorist operative fighting alongside and against teams of computer-controlled bots. As the player advances through the various stages, there are opportunities to unlock new maps and better bot allies by completing objectives like killing a certain number of enemies with a certain weapon in one round, or completing a round in under a minute. These achievements give the player a level of challenge beyond winning levels against successively harder enemies. For new players, the single player campaign is also a good way to become familiar with the game's many maps before engaging in online play against other players who may be more experienced.

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