Crysis 2

Crysis 2

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Crysis 2 is the newest game by Crytek Studios. This company is so epic. Far Cry? Wow. My 9800 pro just had a heart attack. Far Cry 2? Wait a second. The second one isn't the same as the first. Crysis. Crysis 2. Same thing. And each game? Similarly split in twain. Kind of like MGS4 and MGS2. You know, because Far Cry is an FPS and Far Cry 2 is a lengthy and samey open world FPS which is almost more like Fallout or Oblivion than Far Cry? Just like how MGS2 is a super fun game and MGS4 could have been that fun if only it were more like Peace Walker.

Crysis 2. It's kind of like if Crysis absorbed Deus Ex Invisible War, Halo 2, and CoD. Which is to say it's pretty great. You can upgrade your suit powers by absorbing mysterious glowing power from your enemies. The big ones even remind me of the Hunters from Halo. What I really like about Crysis 2 is how good it looks. I mean, personally I turn off the framebuffer effects like ambient occlusion so I can have the highest framerate and lowest latency but the game runs smoothly on even medium range rigs.

Singleplayer is a bit more linear than in the previous game, which started off more freeform like Far Cry. That's why I say that it's like Call of Duty. The cinematics, sound effects, and plot are all very Hollywood, which I would say is, a good thing. This isn't like the shooters of the late 90's, which lacked advanced lighting and tended to be a beige and brown color, with those greenish purplish greys. The new style of shooters have a console game feel with film grain and attractive but slow and animated menus.

Still, when you get in multiplayer, you will see that this game is just the same as all of the other FPSes you've played. If you're a long time FPS player, you will soon find that you have adjusted to the different from usual sensitivity of the Crysis 2 viewport and are there, in the game. You'll find yourself becoming invisible, perhaps punching some people with the assistance of your nanosuit's crazy metamaterial fibers, and somehow surviving entire magazines of small arms fire. And did I mention there are levels and weapon unlocks? Yep, I could not believe my eyes either!! Crysis 2 was driving car.

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