D3DGear - Game Recording and Streaming Software

D3DGear - Game Recording and Streaming Software

This software helps streamers to improve their recording quality and better deliver high quality videos

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D3DGear - A fast game recording and live streaming software for PC.D3DGear is a fast game recording software for PC. Users will be able to record their gameplay without slowing down the game. Our software has minimal performance impact, and won’t cause games to lag or drop large frame rate like most recording software. D3DGear will quickly stream to twitch.tv without effecting game performance, giving users the chance to show off their skills. D3DGear streaming function is fast and easy to use. D3DGear works with even slow upload speeds. It is fully compatible with twitch.v, hitbox.tv, and other game streaming websites.Key recording features:Display game FPS HUD.Record DirectX 8/9/10/11/12, OpenGL and Mantle game natively to HD movieRecord Windows 7 Aero desktop, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 desktopRecord Oculus Rift gameplay natively to HD stereoscopies SBS movieAllow custom movie resolution, frame rate, and encoding qualitySupports Fast MPEG-4v2, Fast MJPEG, Windows Media Video 9 and Huffyuv Lossless software codecSupports AMD APP, NVIDIA NVENC, and Intel QuickSync GPU hardware codecSupports multi-thread encoding, allows customizable number of encoding threads Save video as AVI, AVI2, and WMV format Record and mix game audio, allows adjust volume level of game audio Record and mix audio commentary, allows adjust volume level of audio commentarySupport MP3 audio encoderAllow save audio commentary in separate second audio trackSupports webcam and media file overlays Visit the D3DGear website at http://www.d3dgear.com for detailed information about the software features, and to download the free trial.

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