Doom 95 1.9

Doom 95

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    Windows 98 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 95

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The last decade of the last millennium was the golden age of first person shooter video games, and that golden age was ushered in due to a single game, Doom. Doom was released in 1993 and changed everyone’s expectations by demanding more precision in game play. In 1995, Doom 95 was released with 32 levels, more monsters, bigger boss monsters, and more weapons. It also was unique because id Software allowed expansion levels to be written by amateurs, expanding game play infinitely. Gamers who have grew up on Halo and other modern games will find Doom’s engine primitive, but a critical eye will still see comparisons, because, all FPS games use this one as a benchmark.

There are many of us who played this game for hours when young and then finally put it down when we grew up. Fear not, the game can still be found online and can be downloaded onto modern computers so we older gamers can have our walk through memory lane, complete with RPGs, sawed off shotguns, and monsters.

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