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Drift City is a racing MMO that allows you to explore a massive 3D world. When you play the game, you can race against other players on different tracks, or you can explore Mittron Island while completing missions, making cash and gaining experience points. As you complete missions, this MMORPG game allows you to unlock new cars, buy upgrades and add customizations.

Drift City is a unique combination of racing game and RPG. As a player, you can choose the lobby based racing game, or you can explore the four cities the game offers. Every city has unique missions and side quests; if you get lonely, the game allows you to chat with other players as you explore.

The open world of Drift City gives players endless freedom; you can explore the city, take part in mini quests or auction off your old cars for some quick cash. Questing is an important part of this game; it is the quickest way to upgrade your car for better racing performance.

Drift City is easy to learn. The first few missions teach you the basics of the game; they go over the game's story while teaching you game mechanics. As you complete the first few missions, you gain experience points; when you hit a certain level, you are given access to the Drift City Battle Zone. In the Battle Zone, you can race against other players from around the world.

Players can also visit the Driver Dome. In the Dome, they can improve their car with the money they earned during missions. Level-ups are frequent; it doesn't take long before you are behind the wheel of a brand new car. There's tons of stuff to do when playing Drift City; you can participate in missions, meet new people or give racing a try.

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