El Tango de la Muerte

El Tango de la Muerte

Do the tango to win the heart of your loved one!

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    Other Games

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    Hernán Smicht, YIRA::

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    Apr 24, 2018

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    2.49 USD

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    English, Spanish - Spain, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese - Brazil, Spanish - Latin America, French, German, Korean

Argentina, 1923Martita’s birthday is soon, and Luciano still doesn’t know how to do the Tango! You must help him learn to dance, and win the heart of Martita, the love of his life. Each song will teach you new steps that’ll help you improve your score, earn more stars, and master each song in this FAST and CASUAL RHYTHM game, set in the twilight of the Tango era. FeaturesEasy to pick up and learn – Anyone can learn how to play the game in seconds!Move Luciano in four directions, one tile at a time, or sliding through several at a time – always following the rhythm of the song.Each new song brings a new move you can learn. Master them to increase your score!Play through an epic story full of love – and melodrama – set in the era of Tango, as no one has ever done before!A soundtrack with 13 modern day Tango songs performed by Latin American band, YIRA.Extra features include Classic Mode, and special Challenges for each song.And we can’t forget the (very annoying) cats!

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