Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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Enemy Territory Quake Wars is a first person shooter in the vein of the Battlefield series. You compete with another team on a large map for objectives and kills. There's lots of vehicles, weapons, and buildings to use and fight over. Unlike Battlefield, this is set in the future and uses the setting of the Quake series. So there's the regular human team, and the vicious invader aliens. Each side has a set of similar classes that each have their own weapons and abilities, and you unlock more abilities as you play. The classes are varied and its easy to find the class that fits your playstyle. The vehicles are the usual: apc, tank, jeep, flyer, etc. They're easy to drive and fun to use. The maps are extremely large and are well designed. The game is a lot of fun in multiplayer, with some teamwork, but single player is a boring bot match with weak AI. A great time online, not so much by yourself.

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