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Firehawk PC is a superb top-down shooter that channels classics like Zaxxon and 1942. Firehawk boasts six lengthy levels, six distinct and challenging bosses, particle effects and 3D scenes at the introduction and conclusion. Sound effects are numerous and diverse, and although Firehawk has only one background song, it’s long enough and diverse enough that it never becomes tedious.

As with most top-down shooters, Firehawk is all about constant motion. The player’s ship never stops moving in a south-to-north line, but the player can move north, east, west and south, within the confines of the screen, to avoid bullets and bomb blasts and put them in a better position to fire.

The goal of Firehawk is twofold: beat the final boss and achieve the high score. The game has four difficulty levels, and the highest possible score is only possible on the hardest level. In addition, Firehawk sets itself apart from other top-down shooters through its unpredictability. Enemy flyers never come in the exact same order or in the same pattern, and even when they explode, the particle arrays are different.

Firehawk PC is a fantastic top-down shooter that emulates the classic style, but also requires the player to master game essentials rather than simply rely on muscle memory.

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