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Razer Game Booster

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While Game Booster is not a game in and of itself, it is an indispensable tool for any gaming enthusiast. How many times have you launched your favorite game and observed that it doesn't perform quite as it should? You might have observed strange stuttering problems, breaks in the audio, graphical artifacts, slowdown, low frame rates or network lag. These problems not only take you out of the game experience, they can also put you at a serious disadvantage in multi-player games. Game Booster aims to alleviate these problems and many more.

Many users think that if their games run choppily, that they need to upgrade their computer's hardware. Others know that their hardware is up to the task and instead choose to reinstall their operating system. The former approach is expensive and oftentimes unnecessary. The latter approach is time-consuming and can result in the loss of crucial data that the user forgot to back up. You can avoid taking either of these drastic steps by installing Game Booster onto your computer.

Once installed, Game Booster will scan your hard disk and active memory for programs and operating system processes. These programs that are running in the background could be what is causing your games to perform erratically. Game Booster has a built-in library of software that can impact game performance. In addition, it automatically updates its knowledge base from a central server.

Rather than requiring the user to adjust their startup settings and kill multiple processes every time they wish to play, Game Booster automates the process. It has a simple "on/off switch" that can be toggled when you prepare to play a game. When on, Game Booster will disable programs and processes that are likely to slow down your gaming experience. Once you finish playing, you can set the switch back to its "off" position to resume normal operation.

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