Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Patch Patch 1.01

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Patch

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Developed by the now-legendary Rockstar video game company, Grand Theft Auto and its spin-off sequels became a major hit among video game experts and acolytes alike for the depth of its imaginary world and its handling of controversial ideas and scenes.

For those dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto series, few things can be as frustrating as bugs in older editions, especially as newer versions have kept pace with high tech progress in the software industry. A new patch aims to do away with those errors and bring older versions of the game up to 2014 standards.

As some critics have suggested that the series goes too far at times with its themes of sex and violence, many have called for modifications that would censor certain passages in the game's narrative. While Grand Theft Auto San Andreas continues to be a controversial game 10 years after its release (and after the franchise has continued to be massively successful), for example, customer concerns necessitated the use of a patch to hide a controversial mod (the so-called "Hot Coffee mod"), something accomplished by this patch.

Mainly, the San Andreas patch also helps fix bugs within the game's original coding, while increasing the capacity for better resolution images. As the game has recently made appearances on new devices such as the Windows Phone, the patch couldn't have come at a better time for parents concerned with the over-the-top nature of the GTA world.

For old-school fans of the game, however, the patch should come as a welcome reminder that when played at its best level, GTA San Andreas has earned its reputation as one of the powerhouses in video game history through its sheer quality and ease of play, as well as for its controversial and sometimes divisive nature. That shouldn't prevent this patch from creating more fans dedicated to the franchise, however.

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