GTA IV San Andreas - Snow Edition 4.0

GTA IV San Andreas - Snow Edition

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is easily one of the most popular entries in the GTA franchise, but you can now give your game a whole new look and feel with the GTA 4 Snow Edition. This mod works like a patch to completely change the way each level looks without getting in your way as you play.

Like other GTA games, San Andreas comes packed with exciting action. The game runs like a third-person shooter and lets you take control over a virtual character as you move through a virtual open world environment. While the game gives you side missions, you have the option of doing each one, skipping certain missions to focus on your goals or coming back to missions later. You can do those missions to pick up extra money that will help your reputation grow.

The races that you participate in are easily one of the more exciting features of the game. Not only do you need to know how to speed up and when to slow down, but you'll also learn how to drift around tight corners and pass cars controlled by the computer to make your way to the front. Some of those races may take multiple attempts to master.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Snow Edition is a patch that transforms the look of the basic game. You must have a version of the game already on your computer before you can use this mod. The mod will download in a zip file that you can then unzip and run. Though it sounds easy, some players may have a hard time finding the zip file and using it.

When you hear the name Snow Edition, you might think that this is a completely new game, but it's really just an upgrade to the old game. It adds snowy effects that you can see as you take on other street racers or when you run around the city on foot. While it may slow down your game or have stability issues, it's one of the more popular mods available.


  • Changes and enhances the visual look of the game
  • Adds snowy effects to all scenes and levels
  • Recreates the look of snowy roads and background scenery
  • One of the more unique mods that you can download and use
  • Fun little game mod


  • Suffers from some stability problems
  • Installing it is a little confusing
  • Will only work if you already have GTA 4 installed
  • Doesn't change your game play
  • Can make the game run slower

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