GTA San Andreas Car Pack

GTA San Andreas Car Pack

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a continuation of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise, where you play a career criminal in an open world environment. The game centers around a mechanic of hijacking cars, evading police, and committing daring crimes. This iteration of the franchise is set in the fictional area of San Andreas, similar to Los Angeles, where players can drive dozens of fictional cars based off of real world models. The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas car pack adds 80 real world cars to the mix, enhancing the open world feel of this video game.

For the most part, the mod is high quality. More often than with the un-modded version of the game, I noticed cars clipping: that is, doors would open through fire hydrants or post boxes, not following real world physics. Another issue was the skin of the cars; occasionally, cars would appear translucent, or have a flat coloring uncharacteristic of how they were supposed to appear. However, this didn't directly affect game play, and the system never froze up on me getting in or out of the cars.

The range of cars was also easy to appreciate. The cars were highly detailed, and vehicles ranged from motorcycles to sedans to airplanes. While this is an understandable flaw, sometimes you'd find a bunch of high class vehicles in a distressed part of town, and vice versa; this isn't something you'd see in the real world. That said, you probably aren't terribly likely to see a ten car exploding pileup in the middle of downtown LA, either. Despite any small issues, this mod definitely enhances the game, and hopefully developers will includes this in further Grand Theft Auto entries without gamers having to find the pack.

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