GTA: San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod

GTA: San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod

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As if Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas wasn't scary enough with its drug dealers, prostitutes, and angry police officers, the GTA San Andreas Zombie Alarm mod adds everyone's favorite shambling terrors to the game. If you enjoy the respite of having no wanted level and no one pursuing you, turn back now. The Zombie Alarm mod means that hordes of zombies will fill the streets every time you venture outside and pursue you until you can escape. With the undead chasing you from objective to objective, there's no longer any such thing as a peaceful lull between missions.

Installing the Zombie Alarm mod can appear complicated at first glance. The mod comes with two files inside of a ZIP folder. One file contains the zombies themselves, while the other contains the necessary scripts to implement them into the game. Once you begin actually installing these files, the process will be easier to understand. However, if you feel completely lost about how to even begin installing the mod, you may want to try the San Andreas Mod Installer application. It takes all of the difficulty out of adding new mods to your GTA San Andreas game. Be careful what you add, though. Other mods that run scripts at the same time may conflict with the Zombie Alarm mod and in some drastic cases even break your game. The last thing you want is an unplayable GTA game that you've already worked hard on, so test out script combinations on a dummy game before using them in your save.

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