Gutwhale is a roguelite about managing the space between you and your ammo, while fighting your way through a digestive system!

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    Action , Indie

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  • Developer(s):

    Stuffed Wombat, Franek, Britt Brady

  • Publishers(s):

    Stuffed Wombat

  • Release Date:

    Apr 6, 2020

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    1.49 USD

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    Single-player, Partial Controller Support

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Gutwhale is a finite action roguelite.Descend down into the guts, try to keep your ammo close, unlock weird hats and get crushed by a van!While Gutwhales levels are randomly generated and can be played forever, the game has a definite ending that you can reach in 1 - 7 hours, depending on your experience with similar games! Smooth Gameplay 3 Areas with unique enemies Gamechanging Hats to unlock Full Controller Support Beating the game is only the beginning of the endIn the beginning of March I had to stop going to work because of the Corona Virus and started the development of Gutwhale.Since then two amazing developers have joined the project and we will release Gutwhale in the beginning of April!We will post a short development logs on this page from time to time & hope that you will enjoy the game :)

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