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This race simulator was made and marketed by a three-man team and released in two sections. The first installment came out in 2003, followed by a second, backward-compatible version in 2005. Patches continued to come out over the years, with the last so far being released in 2012. The demo has limited functionality, featuring a single track and only three car choices, while the full license offers a huge array of cars, customization, options and environments in which to race. This game was released entirely on the Internet via user download.

Gameplay Options

Players can choose to play online against other humans or play offline against artificial intelligence. Mice, keyboards, steering wheels and joysticks are all supported hardware, allowing the player to use their preferred setup without needing to buy new gaming equipment.

Physics Engine

The game strives to be as realistic as possible, with aerodynamics, the type of gearbox, car body and engine damage and clutch overheating all impacting the user's experience on the tracks. Tires wear unevenly and develop hot spots, just as in reality. The realism is praised for its concise attention to detail.

Playing the Game

This title features a training mode where certain objectives must be met in order to advance. The training sessions allow the player to become accustomed to each car, its handling and the road conditions before diving into the competitive portion of the simulator.

Once into the main portion of the game, players can pit themselves against other drivers or the artificial intelligence in races. Races can be run for a certain number of laps or for a certain length of time, a system that is used in endurance racing. Pit stops and race regulations are enforced using a penalty system and drivers are warned on-screen when they are penalized.

This title offers a precise and engaging driving simulation with a huge variety of options. Most users can complete the one-person portion of the game within 20 hours. The online possibilities add limitless replay hours.

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