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Minecraft Beta is the 6th revision of Minecraft, a sandbox construction game where players can free-roam, build things, create mines and more all while trying to survive zombies, skeletons with arrows and bows, giant spiders, and exploding living creatures called, “Creepers.” It’s a wildly popular game largely due to the freedom it grants its players. There’s very little limitation, in fact, in what players can build.

Some people may be deterred from the game due to its simple graphics and cubic design. However, those who persevere discover a first person world with no goals but plenty of surprises. Gameplay is comprised of breaking and placing blocks of various materials (dirt, stone, wood, etc.) into an arrangement that might resemble a house, store, or anything the player desires. Scenery includes plains, forests, caves, mountains, and more, with visual effects indicating day and night cycles. There’s even a jukebox that plays found records.

Players who have a music inclination will enjoy the note block – a special block that plays sound upon receiving a left-click or redstone signal. Because players can tune these blocks and change their instrument type, it’s quite fun to make creative little songs in this virtual world. So much so, in fact, Minecraft is enjoyed by players of all ages.

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