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Everybody has played Monopoly at least once in their lifetime because it's such a well-known and well-liked game. The principle of the game is based upon its namesake, for the one last standing player to dominate the market. This acclaimed board game has been turned into a digital version called Monopoly Usa 2013. So take it to the computer to challenge family and friends in digital style.

This game features excellent graphics such as the 3-D dice and the appealing animated tokens that are used to represent the player. The tokens are shiny and attractive as they feature the original Wheelbarrow, Battleship, Racecar, Thimble, Boot, Scottie Dog, Top Hat and a Cat that was added in 2013.

This computer version features all of the classic elements of the board game including the Chance cards, Community Chest cards, Title Deeds, six-sided die, Houses, Hotels, the Jail and the Pass Go. Included is the Money in the same denominations as the board game which are the orange $500 bills, beige $100 bills, blue $50 bills, green $20 bills, yellow $10 bills, pink $5 bills and the white $1 bills.

To make this game all the more exciting, it has in-built difficulty options with three settings to choose from. Additionally, it allows the player to customize the House Rules so that this game never gets old and it never gets easy.

Being that the goal is to dominate the entire market by the one superior player by forcing out or buying out the other players, it sets up a competitive but friendly atmosphere that all players would find an asset when it comes to any type of game. Playing the computer version allows for all the same old fun without the mess of money, tokens, houses and cards that can demand the space of the table.

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