Need for Speed: Most Wanted Trailer

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Trailer

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Start your engines because the Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailer will get you revved up and ready to race. If you are new to the Need For Speed series or are just wondering if the game is worth a test drive, the trailer gives you an exciting idea of what to expect.

Scenic views, fast cars and intense paces are the highlights of the Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailers. One trailer follows a yellow sports car blazing through gritty streets and construction zones, and another trailer depicts an old school Pontiac Firebird evading police vehicles. The trailers show that there are many vehicle options and exhilarating sequences in the official game.

The teasers give you a glimpse of the different styles of play available. Players can race by driving from one part of the city to another or by completing laps. Thrill seekers can also see how quickly they can escape the law after starting out surrounded by cops.

While the trailer is engaging and entertaining, the biggest downside is that it does not introduce the characters or plot of the game. The goal is to become the most notorious racer with the biggest bounty while facing off against the police and sinister fellow street racers. Nathan Cross is a police officer who loves busting racers, and Razor is a rival racer with a mean streak. Fortunately, there are allies like the mysterious Mia Townsend and friendly Rog that offer everything from starter rides to helpful information.

Every Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailer focuses on showcasing the gorgeous cars and dangerous tracks that await racers. If you crave action, the trailer and game will not disappoint you. The different options offer endless playing time, and the plot makes this more than a simple racing game.

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