ORION: Prelude

ORION: Prelude

Work together to survive the devastating Dinosaur horde in huge, endless environments

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    Action , Adventure , Indie , RPG

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    Trek Industries, Inc

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    Apr 16, 2013

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    0.99 USD

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    Single-player, Multi-player, Online Multi-Player, Co-op, Online Co-op, Steam Achievements, Full controller support, Steam Trading Cards, Steam Workshop, Valve Anti-Cheat enabled, Stats, Steam Leaderboards, Includes level editor

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'ORION: Prelude' is an indie Sci-Fi shooter (FPS/TPS) that seamlessly blends together incredible visuals and addictive combat. It puts you and your friends together into intense, cinematic battles using some of the most incredible weaponry and amazing vehicles in which you must work or compete against one another to accomplish mission objectives, explore giant worlds and survive the devastating Dinosaur Horde. In addition to the return of the adventurous, survival-based cooperative gameplay and retro-inspired Arena Combat, 'ORION: Prelude' features massive, Open World Cooperative and PvPvE.*Previous version names include ORION: Dino Beatdown (2012) and ORION: Dino Horde (2013).Supporting up to a variety of game modes, including: Survival (Objective) Slaughter (Duration) Rampage (Playable Dinosaurs) Prehistoric (Custom Variable)Supporting up to 10 players and offering 2 game modes: Conquest (Cooperative - 5 Players) Vital (PvPvE - 10 Players)Supporting up to 10 players and offering 3 cooperative game modes: Free-For-All (Deathmatch) Elimination (Stealth) King of the Hill (Territory) Gun Game (Ladder Climb) Instagib (Twitch Reflex) Vital (Open World)Supporting up to 10 players and offering 3 unique game modes: 1v1 Duel (4 Playlers - Tournament) FFA Duel (4 Players - FFA) Team Duel (5v5)Key Features: Open World Gameplay Cooperative & Competitive Gameplay Dueling & Melee Combat Gameplay 1st Person / 3rd Person Hybrid Gameplay 15 Game Modes 50+ Weapons & Gear 30 Augmentations (Mutators) 20+ Multiplayer Maps 7 Vehicles Full Weather System Persistence & Player Progression (150 Levels) Class-Based Gameplay & Player Loadouts Statistics & Leaderboards Lobbies, Matchmaking & Server Browser Player Store (Cosmetics) Rewards & Unlockables Real-time Dynamic Day/Night Cycles 10 Dinosaurs (All Playable) 250+ Steam Achievements 12 Steam Trading Cards Steam Big Picture Mode Support Bots & Offline Play Tutorial System SDK & Steam Workshop (Custom Maps)

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