Peekaboo Lite: Prop Hunt

Peekaboo Lite: Prop Hunt

Peekaboo — A Cross-Platform Hide &

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    Action , Adventure , Casual , Early Access , Indie , Massively Multiplayer , Racing , RPG , Simulation , Sports , Strategy

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    Redaster Studio

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    Redaster Studio

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    Mar 4, 2021

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    0.99 USD

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    Multi-player, MMO, PvP, Online Multi-Player, Co-op, Online Co-op, Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Steam Workshop, In-App Purchases, Steam Cloud, Stats, Commentary available

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    English, Russian, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Portuguese - Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese

Peekaboo — A Cross-Platform Hide & Seek Online GamePlayers are divided into two teams: Props and Hunters.The Props task is to hide among other objects so that the hunters can not find them.Props are able to take shape of any object. Controls use realistic physics.On each map a lot of unique objects: from small items like doughnuts and fruit, to large ones — like boxes and barrels.Hunters are armed with special guns and must find all the hidden players among other objects within the time limit.Each player had unique skills that can help them win the game:Props can become invisible and create doubles to trick hunters.Hunters use a special radar to search for hidden props, and also throw bombs and set traps.Each round, objects on the map change randomly. This makes the gameplay more interesting!The game is Cross-Platform, which allows you to play on the same game server from different devices: PC, Android (iOS Support will come in the near future)!Invite friends and join players from all over the world to play Hide and Seek together!

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