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Pokemon Black and White for PC is the PC version of Pokemon Black and White.

This PC clone lets you play the award-winning game that takes you through a young trainer’s journey to to becoming a master Pokemon trainer while defeating the evil schemes of Team Plasma. One of the most notable things about this game is that it introduced a whopping 156 new pokemon, seasonal cycles, animated sprites and battles, to name a few.

If you loved Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, you have to play Black and White. One advantage this version has over the original Nintendo versions is the fact that you can play them both together, instead of having to play them separately or trade with your friends so you can complete your Pokedex.

We love the fact that your starting pokemon can be Snivy, Tepig or Oshawott – and you’ll have friend that you’ll get to playfully battle with along the way to keep things interesting.

While this isn’t the best-selling pokemon game of all time, it is a solid Pokemon game and this Pokemon Black and White PC game brings everything hardcore fans love about the franchise to PC, so check it out!


  • Play Both Black and White Together Even if you can manage to get your hands on DS copies of the game you wouldn’t be able to play them together – but now you can!
  • Complete Your Pokedex You won’t have to trade with friends to try and complete your Pokedex, just play through both versions of the game and fill it up as you go on.


  • Not the Strongest Games in the Series Pokemon Black and White weren’t the best in the series; you might want to start out with Red, Blue, or Yellow if this is your first time playing.

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