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Real Race

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Real Race is a game that throws you into the heart of the action. If you like driving games, you will undoubtedly fall in love with this game. Join in the quest to become the world’s fastest race. Blow by the competition each race to win medals and other rewards. With great 3D graphics, this game is quite realistic, and tests your driving capabilities in ways you could never imagine. Just be sure to not get left in the dust of the competition. While playing, you’ll forget you are in front of the screen and think you are out on the road.

Some of the good features about this game include the 15 different race tracks you can play on, the various driving methods and views, and the 12 cars you can select from. All in all it’s rather entertaining. What’s even better is that you can employ special bonuses during races to help you win. Real Race has received high reviews from various gaming companies like IGN and GameRankings. With over 50 tournaments to compete in, it’s no wonder racing gamers around the world are raving about this one.

One downside to the game is that it can be rather simple for the experienced racer. Do not expect the first couple tourneys to challenge you too much. Another issue is that there is no multiplayer function, which means it’s not the best game to play while you are hanging out with friends. This makes the game ideal for a boring afternoon at home alone.

Real Race truly lives up to its name. The options to build a career in the game and compete for stardom give you a mission worth completing. It offers you more than just simply passing the time. Real glory awaits you in this wonderful game.

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