Realms of Magic

Realms of Magic

2D Action RPG set in a classic western fantasy universe

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    Action , Adventure , Early Access , Indie , RPG

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    Polished Games

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    Polished Games

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    Dec 6, 2017

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    14.99 USD

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    Single-player, Steam Cloud

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Realms of Magic is an classic 2D Action RPG with expanded sandbox mechanics. Create your own adventure in a grim fantasy world full of deadly monsters and powerful magic.Start by creating a unique hero then play it your way.Visit cities, complete tasks and discover lore of the Old Kingdom. Your professions and skills will help you to survive in hard times.Craft & BuildThe basic elements of the game that will allow you to function properly in an unfavorable world will be a crafting skills. Develop your favourite specializations and improve the standards of your life. The game contains 15 professions, each bringing different benefits to your character.Explore & KillVisit the darkest dungeons and loot unique equipment. Hundreds of creatures will be constantly looking for a way to hack your body apart. Grab your weapons, use powerful spells and lure opponents into deadly traps. Do not let them take you alive at all costs!Help & GloryThe Old Kingdom is looking for daredevils who have the courage and strength to fight in its defense. Protect the helpless citizens from hungry beasts, bloodthirsty bandits and terrifying monsters. However, the greatest danger is just approaching to the Realm gates...Meet & TradeDiscover new communities and the diversity of their cultures. The world is inhabited by many humanoid races, whose long history is written down in many old books. But beware! Some of the strangers will be hostile to you. However, there will be also those who will help you in your long journey.Live your life!Your life is your story. Total freedom opens new undiscovered opportunities which allow you to live creatively. You will fully decide how your game goes. Fulfill your dreams and spend a great time in our fantasy world.What Realms of Magic is offering in a nutshell:A fascinating fantasy world with many options and ways of gameplayMedieval villages and various quests hubs located on a regularly expanding world mapCrafting, gathering, building, farming and more professions waiting for you to exploreActive combat system with leveling mechanics and different skill treesHundreds of diverse items to wear, use and decorate10 playable races with multitude customization optionsAn interesting lore of the Old Kingdom contained in dozens of booksAnd finally - deadly monsters, dark dungeons, mighty magic and valuable treasures!Our Realms are for you if:You are crazy about classic western fantasy worldsDiscovering and exploring are the goals of your lifeImagination drives your actionsYou cannot sleep at night dreaming about old RPG’s, which additionally contain the standards of today's game mechanicsFondness and nostalgia force you to look for something fresh that could remind you of “these” beautiful moments of your childhoodYou see the beauty in the simplicity of pixel-art You accept the fact that our world will not be friendly to youYou expect a perceptible climate and a strong history of the in-game world ...Or you are just looking for solid sandbox RPG with crafting, building, farming and character development. The matters of the Old Kingdom can always go their own way… It is only your choice!

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