SMILE GAME BUILDER is a game making software

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    Design & Illustration , Web Publishing

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    SmileBoom Co.Ltd.

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    Sep 7, 2016

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    69.99 USD

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    Partial Controller Support

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    English, Japanese

SMILE GAME BUILDER is a game making software. Programming is NOT a required skill! All necessary materials are included such as 3D models, graphics, music and more. NOW, all you need is your creativity!You have a long time dream to create your own RPG?But, you don’t know how to program?Well…. you don’t need to!!SMILE GAME BUILDER can make your imagination into gaming world without ANY PROGRAMMING!!!Now it’s even better! It’s in 3D world!These below images are other sample maps in the Editor.SMILE GAME BUILDER contains more than 1,000 materials to choose from,such as 3D characters, monster images, music, sound effects,houses, fountains, animals, magic… and much more!3D Charaters / 2D CharactersOne of Terrain Blocks / One of Stairs Blocks2D Monster Images / Character PortraitsEven more great news for 3D designers and illustrators!SMILE GAME BUILDER allows you to import your original characters and objects into the engine!Furthermore, there will be downloadable contents available at the same time!In RPG games, the main character has to talk to people in order to play the story to the next step, right?Once you place a character on the Editor, these kinds of window will appear.Then, you just need to set their dialogues and actions!YES, that's it!Of course, the player has to have wonderful items to go through the journey.However, life is NOT that easy.You can also set some traps with these items and or other things!! heheheThese are some particle effects that you can add to the map!The great thing is they MOVE even in the Editor!No worries! For the experts, you can convert these simple templates to advanced events!!So then, more dramatic conversations or events can be everywhere!See? We promised we did all the coding for you!So, you just need to place objects or people on the map!Set their dialogues and actions.... voilà!Just like that! Simple steps!After you placed and organized your story, here is the best part!Test Play!!You might want to have Test Plays time to time.To see how the events turn out or how well the balance of the game is.Maybe it's a good idea to ask your friends for testing!You can distribute your game to the world and even you can sell your game!But!Most importantly, you will need your imagination andcreativeness to expand your ideasand show the world what you have in mind!RELEASE YOUR CREATIVITY!SMILE GAME BUILDER – The Specification of the Trial Version

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