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Starship Troopers puts the player into an off-world battle in an authentic recreation of Paul Verhoeven's 1997 movie.

The player views the fighting as the shooter, aiming at the fast-moving foes in the science fiction setting. The developers rendered the stark landscape, insect-like creatures, structures, troopers and weapons with attention to detail, bringing the futuristic world to life.

The game takes up the story five years after the movie's action. The player takes on the role of a marauder and fights the invading Arachnids on the planet Hesperus. For fans of the movie and anyone who likes to blast threatening bugs on another planet, the game offers a good blend of action and plot.

The game has three difficulty levels and different options, such as campaign or attack, to customize the game. Different missions send the marauder to achieve objectives, such as a rescue mission. The Marauder has to face the challenges of the mission, encountering enemies, fetching supplies and making escapes.

The game has solo and multi-player options. With military elements, lots of shooting, bug attackers for target practice and ways to get better weapons as the challenge increases, the game offers enough variety to keep it interesting.

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