Stone Rage

Stone Rage

Stone Rage is a prehistoric, open-world survival game

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Stone Rage is a prehistoric open-world survival game based on the world of the Pleistocene era. Players will find friends and create enemies as they struggle for survival through a prehistoric landscape filled with dangerous animals, scarce resources, and a harsh climate. Scavenge for materials to craft strong or cunning weapons, perfect for securing your next meal or destroying your enemies. Explore the lands for rare materials needed to craft weapons strong enough to face the mightiest beasts of the Pleistocene.Build powerful summoning circles and pray to the spirits to guide you. Choose between a stalking saber-tooth or a magnificent mammoth and walk the land through their eyes. Join tribemates on the hunt as a formidable beast.Watch dawn break and night fall over multiple unique biomes in our over 30 square kilometer Open World map. Journey from lush, coastal jungles to sprawling deserts to towering forests. Discover oases and looming stone formations on your quest for a home.Play as an early human ancestor, the Cro-Magnon, or a relic of the past, the Neanderthal. Watch your back for cunning saber-toothed cats that have hunted your kind for centuries. Coordinate hunting parties to fell lumbering mammoths for their precious ivory.Your life as a prehistoric human will not be easy. You will need food, water, and shelter. Your diet will consist of what you can forage and hunt. Berries, cactus fruit, coconuts, and grubs will all be familiar staples. Rarely, you will have access to precious meat from hunting. The easiest quarry for a young hunter is deer, whose fleet hooves and vigilant ears will still prove a challenge to the inexperienced. Beware, for when on a hunt, you may easily become the hunted!Scour the environment for precious materials needed to survive in a prehistoric world. Fashion primitive clothing and protection from fiber, hide, and fur. Craft the tools that set Homo Sapiens apart from their hominid ancestors. Gather bone and stone to create weapons for protecting yourself against both beast and man. Make packs of increasing capacity to transport your spoils back to your base to utilize the many crafting stations necessary for more advanced materials.Home is where the hearth is. From pre-modeled huts to custom-built fortresses, from fiber walls to stone, what you make of your home is up to you. Make claim to an area with claim signs and defend it with fortifications. Design unique layouts and furnish interiors with lighting and storage.

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