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Tank Universal

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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New Zealand graphic designer Phil Jones developed "Tank Universal" on his own, crafting a futuristic tank battle game for the PC that maintains a retro feel thanks to a minimalistic art style similar to the classic science fiction film "Tron." Despite its simple graphics and convoluted plot, which involves a terminally ill patient wearing a prescribed virtual reality helmet to defend an oppressed society, "Tank Universal" delivers exceptional action as players use a first-person perspective to maneuver a powerful tank through a 3D environment to battle other tanks, spaceships, gun nests, and assorted mechanized enemies.

Players must use strategy and skill to accomplish goals, with accurate shooting requiring expert anticipation in order to judge enemy movements and shot trajectory. Collecting special items can also open portals that summon friendly tanks to help the cause. Objectives change with each new level, the tasks ranging from standard search-and-destroy missions to capture-the-flag campaigns and switch-flipping puzzle concepts. Unfortunately, the game doesn't support multiplayer competition, limiting it to the realm of single-player tank shooters. 

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