The Adventures of Batman & Robin

The Adventures of Batman & Robin

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The Adventures of Batman Robin by Gamefabrique lets gamers take on Gotham City's notorious criminals. The game features DC Comics heroes Batman and his sidekick Robin the Boy Wonder. It uses the animated versions of the caped duo from "Batman: The Animated Series." The show got a new title, "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" and the game debuted in 1994 with that name.

Mr. Freeze gets together with Two Face, Mad-Hatter and The Joker when they get free from the Arkham Asylum. The criminals plot to freeze Gotham City. The game gives players the fun of controlling the action and fighting the bad guys. There are several stages to each level with plenty of unpredictable twists.

The game's action centers on controlling Batman through his encounters with each of his enemies. Acquiring weapons and other equipment and the ability to swoop back to the Batcave to reload and restart the stage of the game adds variety and strategic advantaged. Variety in the stages makes the game interesting to replay, and winning at the Hard rating gives the bonus of a different ending.

With fluid animation, a good soundtrack, a variety of challenges, fight scenes and the fun of flying, this game has lasting power to entertain.

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