The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The classic RPG series goes North where a civil war is interrupted by the appearance of dragons

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    Nov 10, 2011

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Become a Skyrim's Greatest Hero – or Its Most Sinister Villain

The release of the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was one of the most highly anticipated events in the history of video games. Although it has a few flaws, Skyrim more than lives up to the hype.

Skyrim offers hundreds of hours of gameplay and near complete autonomy – you can complete any quests you choose, in any order. In the main quest, you search for answers behind what it means to be a Dragonborn, a hero with the soul of a dragon. This, of course, means new enemies (and friends) in the form of powerful and ever-present dragons. Throughout the game, you learn skills, magic, and shouts – a new addition to the Elder Scrolls arsenal. Shouts can be used to complete a variety of tasks, from setting enemies ablaze to clearing a snowstorm away from your path.

Fans of the series will notice a few changes from the last game, Oblivion. The menu system has been improved, and boasts one of the most beautiful skill trackers in any game. Also new to Skyrim are perks associated with each skill, which you can choose as you level up.

The AI in Skyrim has been improved a bit from Oblivion, although their phrases can become repetitive, and your companions will still get in the way more than they help in many cases. Long-time Elder Scrolls fans will be all too familiar with the many glitches that can occur, although there are some ways to avoid or work around them. Save often!

Another brand new feature in Skyrim is the ability to get married. You can choose from quite a few spouses in the game, and can marry someone of the same sex or even a different species. Your spouse can go on adventures with you, or stay home and become a merchant to earn some extra gold.

Finally, perhaps the most impressive attribute of Skyrim is the sheer enormity of its breathtaking environment. If you like, you can spend hour upon hour wandering through the towns and wilderness, enjoying the gorgeous lights of the night sky and the vast, snowy forests and mountains.

Skyrim offers an immersive, beautifully rendered world and exciting gameplay that few RPGs, if any, can match. Fight for the people of Skyrim, or fight only for yourself – the choice is yours!

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