The Last Dance

The Last Dance

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Despite its rather sweet-sounding name, The Last Dance is a violent and bloody third-person shooter. Based on the mean streets of Chicago, the game resolves around the life of John McClain, a former police officer in need to see his enemies' blood spilled. Trying to uncover the mystery behind his wife's murder, McClain must fight his way through countless criminals with strong mafia connections.

The Last Dance follows a style similar to hit Frank Miller novels such as Sin City. Its dark atmosphere and over-the-top violence makes the game stand out from many conventional shooters available today. Players possess the ability to fight enemies through various means, including the use of stealth tactics as well as old-fashioned hand-to-hand combat. Otherwise, a good, reliable firearm pleasantly does the job and passes with flying colors--most of which is red.

Note that The Last Dance is primarily in Spanish, in addition to containing English subtitles. The game is freely available for multiple Windows operating systems.

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