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In Mojang's Minecraft, items can be found in the world in Survival mode or be accessed from the full inventory in Creative mode. However, some game modes and mods can cause the full inventory in creative mode to be missing some items. They can also cause certain items to be completely absent from the Survival world. For example, a custom made Superflat world could be lacking in many ores, mobs, and other items.

Too Many Items is a popular Minecraft mod that solves these problems. Using Too Many Items, a player can spawn mobs that otherwise would not be present in some worlds, or place items that normally cannot be obtained in the game, such as ice or grass. Too Many Items allows Survival mode players to have the option of a creative inventory without sacrificing the other benefits of survival. The Too Many Items inventory can also be toggled off to restore the normal Survival inventory.

Too Many Items also resolves glitches that come with mods. Some mods add many items to the typical inventory, but do not add these items to the Creative mode inventory screen. This means that in some Creative mode games, items can be totally absent from the game. Too Many Items provides a way to access all potential items, even those added to the game by mods.

The mod installation process for Too Many Items is comparable to the process for many other Minecraft mods. The mod itself should be added to the Minecraft mods folder. In addition to this, some class files must be added directly to your minecraft.jar file. This file can be opened with any extraction program, such as jZip, 7Zip, or WinZip. Do not extract the classes or the file though, simply open it and paste them in.

ModLoader for Minecraft is required to fully utilize all of Too Many Items' functions, so will want to consider downloading it as well. It will also increase the functionality of some other mods.

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